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u_must_b_joking ([personal profile] u_must_b_joking) wrote2017-01-03 11:39 am

Happy New Year!

Haven't posted here in quite a while.

I've written a bunch of books since then. My brother is being an incredible help getting them published; the first one goes on Leanpub as soon as he's happy with the cover and the colophon.

I'm going to Conflikt 10, after saying I wouldn't. Hotel booked and reg paid for, plus the lunch, I couldn't manage not going to the lunch!

I am currently in and trying to escape from a job after being unemployed for 3.5 years. (I resigned and got dragged back in because the supervisor rage quit while I was on shift waiting for him to show up and relieve me.) I know I can work; I can't put up with the bullshit, which is sad in and of itself, since capitalizm wants me to feel bad about it and I'm so well trained I try to oblige. Told my ersatz stuporvisor that I can't work at the end of the month.

My mood, now that I know I'm going to Conflikt, is much better.

Wrote a thousand words today. Back in the swing after a lazy holiday week.